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Thanks for chatting with me!
Here is a recap of what we talked about.

Thanks for chatting with me!
Here is a recap of what we talked about.

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Step 1: Schedule Your Session

If we haven't chosen a date already, the easiest way is to call me with a few dates in mind. We'll compare calendars and choose a date and time. To reserve your date, you will sign some paperwork and pay the session fee of $300.

Some things to consider when choosing a date:

  • Make the photo session the main event of the day. Don't schedule it the same day as a birthday party or after a long, stressful day of work. Everyone is happier when you don't have to rush, aren't overtired, and have time to have a meal or snack, so you aren't hangry during your photos!

  • My favorite time to do photos is about an hour before sunset, however, some babes are asleep by then. We can shoot close to sunrise to get the same, golden light, or we can plan the location according to the light available. I do recommend we stay away from high noon or when the sun will be right above our heads in the sky- not super flattering light on anyone.

  • Fall is the busiest time for photos, so if you are hoping to catch the leaves changing colors, be sure to schedule a couple months (or more!) in advance, especially if you need to schedule on a weekend.

  • If you need your photos back for a special event (like you're gifting prints for Christmas or using photos on an invitation), be sure to schedule the session at least one month in advance of when you need the images, to provide sufficient time for processing and printing. And be sure to let me know, so I can be sure you have everything on time!


Step 2: Planning

You'll receive emails from me to prep you for your date. It will include location and wardrobe suggestions. We'll talk about what fits you and your vision best. I'll keep an eye on the weather, and we'll make backup plans if adverse weather is in the forecast. Have my phone number on hand, 785-550-3649, in case you need to call or text for anything.


I am here for you to help you choose outfits for the entire family. I also have a client closet that is available to my clients with a variety of sizes of dresses, accessories, and kids' clothing.  Need me to FaceTime you while you dig through your closet or browse the racks at TJMaxx? I'm your gal. Text me pictures for a second opinion. Shoot me your Pinterest board of outfit inspiration (and I'll show you mine!).


You DO NOT have to buy new clothes for your session. I'm confident we can build a great look from what you or I already have, so if you want that help, just let me know! Other people don't want any help, might not want to coordinate, or give their kids free rein. And that's okay too. We want these photos to look like you, so let's do what we need to do to make you feel comfortable and confident!


Step 3: Your Session!

Most family sessions take 60-90 minutes. Newborn sessions can take 2-4. Tell your partner what to expect.

I encourage you to be happy and relaxed. I assure you that the kids will follow suit. They don't need to smile or look at the camera. No need to reprimand them to be still. It's my job to keep them entertained and interested. And I love to document the tears. pouts, and silly faces too! We try to embrace the stage of childhood they're in.


 A lot of things we will do during the session is play-based, so you'll find that everyone will actually have a lot of fun. Now, you'd think it would be the toddlers, but Dads are sometimes the grumpy ones. They usually come out of the session saying, "That was relatively painless." Haha. I want this session to be easy for everyone!! I do this by giving you easy prompts to follow and leave lots of space for you to be you!

Within 2 days of your session, I'll send you a sneak peek.  

Step 4: Your Slideshow and Collections

This is the big reveal! About 2-3 weeks after your session, you will receive an email from me with a link to your slideshow with all of your edited photographs. I encourage people to put their slideshow up on the biggest screen they have and cozy up together to watch. You have access to this slideshow for 24 hours. In the 24 hours, you'll decide which collection you want. After that, your full gallery opens, and you have a full month to make your selections for the prints and images you want. Easy as that! 

Over that month, I'll be sending you reminders and suggestions, if you haven't made your selections yet. If you need help deciding, I'm here!


Basic Collection - $800

  • Your choice of 15 high resolution digital images with print release

  • $150 credit good towards your choice of anything in the gallery store: prints, frames, more digital files, albums, etc. 


Standard Collection- $1200

  • Your choice of 30 high resolution digital images with print release.

  • $300 credit good towards your choice of anything in the gallery store: prints, frames, more digital files, albums, etc. 


Premium Collection- $1500

  • All of the high resolution digital images you see in your gallery (usually 60+ images) with print release. 

  • $600 credit towards your choice of anything in the gallery store: prints, frames, albums, etc. 

  • Complimentary download of your slideshow.

Some of my Favorite Products

Here are a handful of products that are available to spend your print credit on! So often, people make the big investment to get their photos taken, but then those photos live on a hard drive for years and years, and no one ever enjoys them.


Over the past couple years, it's been my goal to make the purchasing process seamless for clients, so they have these beautiful, timeless ways to view their images. Whether you want art for the wall, a custom album to flip through, or something fun and different like a custom calendar, I've curated products from the top professional print labs for you. These products are archival quality- meaning they will last for generations. And their quality is guaranteed by me. I can't wait for you to hold your photos in your hands!

Are you Ready?

What Clients Say

"Leah's photos of me and my four children are by far one of my most treasured possessions. She is a true artist and so laid back during the shoot. Couldn't recommend her more."
- Alison

Grab your calendar and call or text me to book your session!


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